Food glorious food!

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Here’s a brief summary of all the food we ate during our stay in Reykjavik and some recommendations on where to go and what to eat.

Prior to my trip I spent a lot of time researching how to get the best out of my stay looking at blogs, trip advisor and looking for tips on Twitter.


Located just outside the city centre the Roadhouse is an american diner inspired by 1950’s American culture specialising in some mightily impressive burgers.

I opted for one of their specials, the ‘Empire State Burger’ which was a pretty immense eating experience.

IMG_6694empire state

If you enjoy your burgers and fancy your own ‘man v food’ eating experience you should definitely give the roadhouse ago!

Fridrik V

When I booked this restaurant for my birthday dinner it was ranked as the number one rated restaurant in Reykjavik and is still now in the top three. I would fully recommend Fridrik V for a fancy meal out if you are celebrating an occasion or are after a decadent eating experience. A superb fine dining experience in a lovely restaurant with great friendly staff.

We each had a five course surprise menu which I paired with matching beers and my wife had paired with matching wines.

WP_20150131_054  IMG_7009  IMG_7011  IMG_7012  IMG_7024

IMG_7021  IMG_7016  IMG_7026  IMG_7029  IMG_7035


Sjavargrillid is a seafood grill based right in the heart of the city and is therefore an ideal spot for lunch stop as a break in your sight seeing activities. The food was amazing and easily ranks as some of the tastiest I have ever eaten. We opted to share three dishes between us and the juicy prawn pasta dish comes incredibly highly recommended.

sj  IMG_6799  IMG_6802             IMG_6801

Islenski Barinn

The Islenski Barinn (Icelandic bar) was about 200m up the road from our hotel so provided a great venue for somewhere to eat on our last night. I cant quite figure out what a UK alternative would or know if this was a commercial/tourist venue or a genuine destination for local Icelanders.

I opted for some traditional Icelandic delicacies served up and presented delightfully in jars where as my wife opted for the safer option of a chicken burger with sweet potato fries. Both options were equally brilliant, tasty and filling.

islenski  IMG_7299 (1)

I requested to take up the offer of having three jars served up with accompanying beers which I though was a great way to sample a range of some traditional foods. I was served up the shrimp cocktail, the minke whale and the smoked lamb and they were all deliciously enjoyable. I found the whale to be very much like roast beef by the way!

IMG_7297 (1)

Other foodie highlights including sampling Iceland’s famous hot-dogs: IMG_7280 (1) WP_20150201_002 IMG_6963

IMG_6930 IMG_6848


I miss Iceland….

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Having recently returned from an amazing visit to Iceland there are some things that you miss straight away…

The crunch of snow under your feet

The light, the moody, gloomy sky and the bright beaming sunshine.

The architecture, Harpa, Hallgrimskirkja and Perlan to name just the highlights.

The seafood so fresh and flavorsome.

The enchanting Icelandic accent full of rolling r’s, crunching k’s and the unpronounceable combinations of l’s, h’s, v’s and y’s.

The quiet, calm and relaxed pace of life.